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Quality Assurance

Cultech Ltd is committed to achieving excellence in product development, manufacture and packing for the nutritional and supplement marketplace. Our priority is to meet and exceed all customer expectations by ensuring unbeatable quality assurance standards, food safety and authenticity.

We offer MHRA compliant probiotic manufacturing in order to satisfy regulatory bodies such as the TGA, FDA & Health Canada.

Raw Materials

All raw materials are examined, assessed and tested against specific quality parameters and strain identification requirements before releasing for use in any product.

In-Process Checks

Product and ingredient samples are taken at various intermediate stages of the manufacturing process to enable the ongoing quality assessment and early identification of potential issues.

Packaging Checks

All packaging materials are checked by hand for quality control, based on a checklist of potential risks that might compromise the safety and specification of the packed finished product.

Finished Products

A comprehensive level of finished product quality testing is performed to guarantee process quality and food safety. This includes assessing potential microbial and allergenic contamination.

Environment & Calibration Checks

Regular environmental monitoring and calibration checks are in place for all manufacturing and production areas and all process measuring and analysis equipment.


Our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) production facilities are certified by external accreditation bodies to design, develop and manufacture probiotic nutraceuticals and nutritional food supplements.

We can also manufacture probiotic products for those countries that consider them medicines.


NSF Good Manufacturing Practice