Established in 1994,

Cultech has become internationally recognised as both an innovator and premium quality manufacturer within the nutritional supplement industry.



Over 25

Years Experience


ISO 9001: 2000 accredited


Dedicated & onsite

Our Services

Cultech has recently established a Contract Manufacturing business, offering its specialist formulation skills and wide-ranging manufacturing capability to the supplements industry as a whole. The company has very large-scale freeze drying capacity, offering a contract service to clients as well as drying products to go into its own dietary supplements. Being able to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ approach embracing freeze drying, capsule filling, tablet making, liquid fills, sachet-forming and blister packing is proving very popular with clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Bulk formulation blending
  • Hard-shell capsule filling
  • Tablet production and coating
  • Sachet filling
  • Liquid and cream filling
  • Pessary formation and packaging
  • Blister packing
  • Tertiary packaging to point of sale
  • Specialist formulations

Freeze Drying Process

Cultech Ltd has a processing technology that converts nutritional oils and other lipid-soluble nutrients into emulsified and freeze-dried, free flowing powder forms that are instantaneously and completely water dispersible. These very stable powders can be used for a multitude of applications, from hard shell encapsulation, tabletting and powdered drink formulations to functional foods, infant formula and food fortification.

Quality Assurance

Cultech Limited has been ISO 9001: 2000 accredited for manufacture and research / development and in addition has also been British Retail Consortium accredited

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