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New Product Development

The New Product Development (NPD) department’s primary role is to develop formulations from initial concept into a working product to meet customer demands. 


Samples are prepared in the NPD laboratory and any necessary testing is carried out to ensure key requirements, such as product taste and flavour or specific active ingredient recovery, are met.


During development a range of factors are considered to ensure a product can be successfully manufactured and various tests are carried out at laboratory scale. These include bulk density, powder flow analysis, particle size analysis, capsule fill analysis, water activity, and probiotic and other active ingredient recovery.


Products with particularly distinct new formulations are often trialled on the Production equipment to identify any potential manufacturing challenges prior to first batch production.


The NPD department also regularly reviews existing products to identify areas for improvement, such as increasing manufacturing efficiency or improving the shelf-life stability of a product. 


New packaging components are also assessed by the NPD department to identify packaging which best maintains product stability.