Our Services

Cultech Ltd is a contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements offering its’ specialist formulation knowledge and wide-ranging manufacturing capability to the global supplements industry.

Cultech manufactures all kinds of supplement formats, including hard-shell capsules, tablets, powders and liquids – and has the capability of packing into stick-packs, sachets, plastic and glass bottles and blister-packs.

Cultech has recently constructed a purpose built probiotic manufacturing unit which is best in class and perhaps the most advanced manufacturing facility for probiotics anywhere in the world.

The company has very large-scale freeze drying capacity, offering a contract service to clients as well as drying products to go into its own dietary supplements. Being able to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ approach embracing freeze drying, capsule filling, tablet making, liquid fills, sachet-filling and blister packing is proving very popular with clients.

Cultech Agriculture Ltd was formed as part of the Cultech Group of companies to focus on the agricultural market place. It sells proprietary forage inoculants under the Pharmor brand through a network of agricultural merchants in the UK. The company also developed the innovative, natural, animal-feed additive, Alliin Plus, which is being sold to feed manufacturers worldwide.